Friday, 16 June 2017

We’re All Ears June Challenge

June has been a month with insect based inspiration challenges. The Earrings Everyday monthly challenge is in that group. For this challenge it’s all about fireflies, some of the most amazing little creatures

If you have never had the chance to see fireflies, or lightning bugs as they are sometimes called, I hope you have that opportunity one day. I was one of the many children enchanted by them in the town where I grew up

Fireflies in action

The natural colours a firefly produces can be yellow, pale green or red. I tried to imitate the flash of the bioluminescent glow that is produced by these insects but didn’t have anything in those colour ranges that would work. In the end I decided to work with Blue Goldstone and made these

Night Flight

The silver sparkles on the man made gemstones has always appealed to me and this seemed a perfect opportunity to bring them out of the cabinet. I used gunmetal for the ear wires, chain and head pins to keep the focus on the beads

Night Flight
 The tiny blue goldstone beads hanging off of the chain are my attempt to represent the synchronization that these insects display in their flashes

These earrings will be added to my shop this weekend.

Please visit the Earrings Everyday site for the blog reveal to see what everyone else made

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Pretty Palettes May Design Challenge

For their challenge this month, Molly selected some lovely succulents for the Pretty Palette inspiration

Succulents from the Greenhouse
The focus is all on the greens in all shades. Of course we need other colours for contrast and I used them well.

The same as last month, I made a necklace that started with an embossed teardrop, this one with a darker green and with gold on the embossing. This time I decided to luxe up the look to the max. 

Meant To Be
The oval beads are jade with freshwater pearls sitting between each gemstone. The pearls are dyed in a colour combination called Treasure Mix. Doesn’t that sound just lovely? To my eye the colours of the pearls pull out the background and the creamy colour on the one plant. I continued the luxe look with 14 Kt gold fill for all the metals

Meant To Be
The necklace needed earrings to go with it so of course I obliged

Looking at the plants again I decided to put the inspiration to work again with memory wire bracelets.

Slide into Green
The larger bracelet has heishi shell, olive jade and aventurine strung on the memory wire from lightest to darkest and back again. I like the effect, it flows so nicely

I liked it so much I decided to make another with more heishi shell pieces, this time with some in the natural white and some dyed a pale pink. After all there’s some light pink peeking out of the bottom right corner of the last photo, right?

Touch of Blush
Everything will be added to my shop this weekend.

Please visit the Halcraft site for the blog reveal to see what everyone else made

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